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Attention all needle-wielding warriors!

Ever wished you could sew faster? Well, maybe you should consider investing in a solar powered sewing machine like Mr. Ramsingh Kabadi from Badachatrang, Orissa. He’s been a tailor since 2012 and he’s often had trouble keeping up with the huge demand. He didn’t want to switch to a motorized sewing machine because of erratic power supply. But guess what doesn’t keep turning on and off like feeble traditional electricity? The Sun!

Customers complain if you don’t get the work done on time and Ramsingh Kabadi could stand it no longer. Luckily, he got a loan from a local bank. It was a small amount, all he needed was Rs. 19,000 to harness the power of the Sun and the results were astounding – He started sewing almost thrice as much as he used to, which put a big smile on his customers’ faces.

Previously he could only work during the day because frequent power cuts meant he was sewing in the dark (please do not try this at home), but the solar powered sewing machine allowed him to work in the evenings as well. Let’s not forget that the quality of his work has also skyrocketed. His monthly income has increased by Rs. 2500.

“Earlier I was sewing one blouse per hour. Now I can do one blouse in 35 minutes.” – Ramsingh Kabadi

Ramsingh Kabadi’s change in fortunes is all thanks to SELCO India, a rural sustainable energy company that aims to improve the quality of life for rural Indians. Ramsingh Kabadi was initially scared of approaching a bank, he felt intimidated by the entire process, but SELCO encouraged him to give the bank a shot and it changed his life for the better. But now he comes to the bank all by himself every month to repay his loan bit by bit. And that too before the monthly due date!

He’s also requested the bank to give his brother a loan, for another solar powered sewing machine! Don’t you just love a solar powered family business?


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