Jowar (sorghum) is a staple food crop in Karnataka, and jowar roti is eaten almost every day in households across the region. Sumangala Patil and her husband Erayya are home-based entrepreneurs from Dharwad, Karnataka who supply jowar rotis to neighboring homes and shops.

Rotis are traditionally hand-rolled, but the Patils had invested in a roti-rolling machine by means of a loan, which helped them boost production. Unfortunately, it was powered by traditional electricity, which left them at the mercy of frequent power cuts, throwing a wrench in their productivity.

When she attended a market-oriented livelihood training program in the village, Sumangala was introduced to solar-powered roti rolling machines, which were independent of the unreliable traditional electric network and therefore more reliable. Now, with the help of the solar-powered roti roller, her productivity has increased from 150 to 450 rotis a day! Sometimes, in case of bulk orders during special occasions, she can even provide up to 1000 rotis a day!

Yum 🙂 Image courtesy Jopreet’s Kitchen

Oh and check this out to know the health benefits of jowar. Did you know jowar is high in protein, helps with weight loss, and is also gluten-free? Yep; the good people of Karnataka were eating clean before it was even a Thing.


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