Today is World Environment Day so let us take a moment to talk about a climate change study that warns that 90% of humans will perish by 2050, and the funny thing is that the study says that that is the most optimistic scenario. The study “errs on the side of least drama.”

The predicted 3°C rise in temperatures will result in a 0.5m rise in sea levels, dooming coastal cities like Mumbai, Lagos and Shanghai and reducing such places to swamplands. Many of the 10% who do survive will be climate refugees, forced to relocate to safer areas.

You might think this study is a gross exaggeration – even I’m not fully buying it – but if we don’t use our collective minds and technology to save us, then we won’t stand a chance against the forces of climate change.

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  1. […] We have travelled to the reality where climate change is no more a myth and tapping the renewable energy is the need, no more a choice. For the last few years, Delhi’s pollution level is on a constant spike, especially after the Diwali season and melting glaciers is the harsh truth we cannot turn blind eye to. The governments across the globe are coming together to fight against the self-created global warming and climate change. […]


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