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Limited Marine Life

“A rather interesting bit of information on the Indian Ocean is its limited marine animal life which is due to higher water temperature of this ocean. This ocean is the warmest ocean of the world and offers little scope to plankton and other species for growth.”

Lowest Oxygen Content

“Waters in the Indian Ocean have one of the lowest oxygen content of the world owing to greater evaporation rate in this ocean than its run off or precipitation influx. This makes life growth in Indian Ocean rather unique.”

India’s Coastline In Peril

“Keeping a check on marine debris and plastic pollution also remains a big task in India. With a vast coastline – more than 7,500 km long—many Indian beaches are culpable of accumulating plastic litter and non-biodegradable marine debris that cause long-term damage to the surrounding ecosystem. A July 2018 Hindustan Times report cited data from the Central Marine Fisheries Institute which concluded that the fishing grounds off Mumbai had the highest average concentration of non-biodegradable marine debris (NBMD) found by trawler nets – around 49.11kg per sq km. This was followed by coasts in Tuticorin, Tamil Nadu (37.06 kg/sq km) and Ratnagiri, Maharashtra (2.25 kg/sq km).”


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