Month: October 2019

Kanpur-based Aikya Organics wins SEED Low Carbon award from India

Sustainable agriculture plus gender equality equals a standing ovation.

The Shrinking Ozone Hole is Bad News

NASA scientists believe the most likely reason for the reduction of the ozone hole is not the latest efforts of mankind to reduce emissions, but changes in the weather

Which Solar Cells Should You Invest In?

With the emphasis on domestically-produced panels, as well as the relative costs of black solar panels, which one should you opt for?

Industry Needs to Work More on Climate Change

The world has awakened to climate change. Greta Thunberg set the United Nations thinking. Will global enterprises wake up and do its bit soon?

Government clearly pushing for more coal-powered development

True to form, the government is saying all the right things on renewable energy but its actions do not match the words about cutting down fossil fuel dependency