Largescale depredation of nature in the garb of development is creating the worse climatic condition that the world has ever seen. Of course, there are those who believe this is all a myth as this tweet from the most powerful leader of the free world suggests:

Brutal and Extended Cold Blast could shatter ALL RECORDS – Whatever happened to Global Warming?

Of course, someone needs to educate President Trump that global warming doesn’t always mean that the temperatures would rise. And while doing so, they may as well give some good news to this leader of the free world that the ozone hole above the Antarctic continent is shrinking.

We leave it to your imagination about how President Trump would respond to this bit of breaking news!

Before you get all happy and cheerful about the news or credit it to the human efforts, we suggest you read further. But some facts first. NASA says in a press release that the ozone hole over the planet’s South Pole has shrunk to a record level since it was first discovered in the 1980s. The aerospace agency reported that the average size of the hole in Earth’s protective ozone layer is currently 9.3 million, while typically grows to 20.7 million in September-October.

NASA scientists believe the most likely reason for the reduction of the ozone hole is not the latest efforts of mankind to reduce emissions, but changes in the weather itself.

“We need to understand that the situation we are seeing this year is due to the warming of the stratosphere,” Paul Newman, a scientist working for NASA said. This does not mean that ozone levels in the atmosphere suddenly began to recover rapidly.”

He goes on to explain that in order to turn chlorine into a substance that absorbs ozone, cold temperatures in the stratosphere and clouds are needed. This year, temperatures under the atmosphere were 29 degrees above average.

The international Montreal Protocol, developed in 1987 to reduce damage, banned the production of many chlorine compounds used in refrigerators and aerosols, such as hairspray. After that, the size of the ozone hole began to shrink slowly, but it remains large enough to lead to a significant loss of ozone.

Scientists estimate that ozone levels over Antarctica will recover to 1980 levels by about 2070.

If this isn’t bad news in disguise, what is?

While we look at the reduced ozone hole, we are negating the climatic change which should rather be signalling to another cause for worry, global climate crisis. We have long ignored the problem of global warming, and here we are today – with heat waves touching areas of the globe that one could hardly imagine and cold weather hitting others where arid was the name of the game.

One Greta Thunberg cannot do the trick! We need several and that too ones that are vocal enough to penetrate the dense or faulty hearing apparatus that President Trump and others of his ilk possess.

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