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Malavika was about twelve when Environmental Education was made compulsory in schools. About fifteen when she was enrolled in Rishi Valley, where water was scarce, electricity was precious, and the school was alright while the surrounding villages weren’t. About nineteen when she realised that over 1 billion people living on a single piece of land could become real difficult, real quick.


L Subramanyan was 53. He could finally do something about the things he’d realised twenty years ago.

In 2018, Kerala almost drowned because they had all these dams for all that electricity, but it rained and rained and all that water had no place to go. Things had to change, and more importantly, people had to know that things could change.

Growing up, neither L Subramanyan nor Malavika knew enough about sustainability to do much themselves. City kids usually don’t. Gardening is for potted plants, you don’t ask what goes into your makeup, and solar panels are way too expensive. Except it isn’t, you should, and they most certainly are not.

Hence, RePower.

Knowledge is power. Sometimes, literally.


  1. It’s hard to seek out educated folks on this matter, but you sound like you realize what you’re speaking about! Thanks


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