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Save the Earth: 5 Good Things That Happened in 2019

Amidst all the brouhaha over climate change and efforts to save the only planet we have, there was some good stuff that happened over the past 12 months that gives us hope

Why Greta Thunberg Scares The Powers That Be

She bucks every system that was set up to silence people like her.

Mera Khoon, Khoon; Tumhara Khoon Paani!

It is about time that the ‘First World’ starts shouldering the climate change burden for a while just so that the rest of us get a chance to get our house in order and do the same

Plastic Roads Aren’t the Destination; Just Milestones

We need to focus on the real pain-point- plastic’s prevalence due to its extremely high use value- and find alternatives.

Bidding Process Needs A Reciprocal Guarantee Too

The guarantees that bidders have to pay should come with an interest rate in case of delayed refund by SECI