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Can Govt. Buildings Set the Standards in Solar Power Adoption?

Though moving slowly and steadily, the plans of utilization of green energy in government buildings can be taken as a positive sign to approach the future of renewable energy.

CO2 Emissions at Record Highs, Growth Rates Decline

At a time where any news that appears on climate change fails to bring cheer, here is something that is different, if so only slightly

Expanding Solar Power Trade via Blockchain Tech

The problem with energy is that it cannot be stored and needs to be used immediately, in its original form or in some other that […]

Jagan Reddy’s Politics Impacts Andhra’s Economics

Can someone ask Reddy to take a moment and study how his father YSR managed to usher in change without making investors nervous?

Bolsanaro Fiddled As The Amazon Burned

Jair Bolsonaro will be the Chief Guest at India’s 2020 Republic Day Parade. That might be worse than inviting Donald Trump, if only by a little.