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Kochi to House India’s Third Solar-Powered Stadium

The plan is part of the Kochi economic city project called green city plans and is to be implemented with the help of CIAL Infrastructure Ltd, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Cochin International Airport Ltd (CIAL)

Gujarat Sets Target of 30GW Renewable Energy by 2022

The emphasis appears to be right on the money. The question is does the follow up action really match up to all the words that governments dish out?

Rising Seas No More a Concern, It’s Disastrous

It could lead to social and political instability in the regions with reignited armed conflict and increase the likelihood of terrorism

To No One’s Surprise, Delhi is Choking Again

To No One’s Surprise, Delhi is Choking Again

The Shrinking Ozone Hole is Bad News

NASA scientists believe the most likely reason for the reduction of the ozone hole is not the latest efforts of mankind to reduce emissions, but changes in the weather