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Expanding Solar Power Trade via Blockchain Tech

The problem with energy is that it cannot be stored and needs to be used immediately, in its original form or in some other that […]

Plastic Roads Aren’t the Destination; Just Milestones

We need to focus on the real pain-point- plastic’s prevalence due to its extremely high use value- and find alternatives.

Jagan Reddy’s Politics Impacts Andhra’s Economics

Can someone ask Reddy to take a moment and study how his father YSR managed to usher in change without making investors nervous?

Bidding Process Needs A Reciprocal Guarantee Too

The guarantees that bidders have to pay should come with an interest rate in case of delayed refund by SECI

Low-priced Solar Power Costing India Big Time

There needs to be a balance between accessibility and competitiveness for an industry to survive and thrive over the long-term