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Auto Recycling: Mahindra Accelo Eyes Unchartered Territory

The question is would more players enter what has till date been an unorganized sector or would this turn out to be a flash in the pan. Sumit Issar, Managing Director at Mahindra Accelo thinks otherwise

Bolsanaro Fiddled As The Amazon Burned

Jair Bolsonaro will be the Chief Guest at India’s 2020 Republic Day Parade. That might be worse than inviting Donald Trump, if only by a little.

Opinion: Democratic Process Cannot Trump Regard for Life

No, the courts do not have the mandate to frame policy. But if they had not, then no one would have

Stubble Burning Ban – Alternative Ways Of Managing the Mess

How to stop North India from choking next Diwali- a few ideas.

US Withdrawal from Paris Agreement Isn’t Such a Big Deal

On Monday, the US government officially initiated its withdrawal from the Paris Agreement, a move that has drawn widespread criticism, while surprising absolutely no one. […]