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Jagan Reddy’s Politics Impacts Andhra’s Economics

Can someone ask Reddy to take a moment and study how his father YSR managed to usher in change without making investors nervous?

Bidding Process Needs A Reciprocal Guarantee Too

The guarantees that bidders have to pay should come with an interest rate in case of delayed refund by SECI

Low-priced Solar Power Costing India Big Time

There needs to be a balance between accessibility and competitiveness for an industry to survive and thrive over the long-term

The Solar Panel Debate: Ground-Mounted Vs Rooftop

Solar panels are very much like jeans: the best is the one that’s right for you. There are pros and cons to both rooftop and […]

Which Solar Cells Should You Invest In?

With the emphasis on domestically-produced panels, as well as the relative costs of black solar panels, which one should you opt for?